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Jack Sarlo

From Jack Sarlo

You want me to tell you why you should listen to me?

To keep it short since that's my style, way back in 2004 at age 20 I was doing SEO projects as a freelanccer, for others... not many projects!

But I still written SEO reports, link building projects, and some folks had 14,000 page websites...

One guy came to me with 150 websites just so then I knocked his socks off when I indexed them in 2 short weeks!

More important I've done SEO for myself as well, but I've read articles, ebooks, books, memebership sites, cd's and dvd's... spent 4 years including Sundays, Christmas, New Year and New Year's eve any way all holidays included learning SEO!


I wanted traffic to my website!
(Check a few of the rankings I got for that website

Here's a screenshot from Google Webmaster Tools account, showing the number of backlinks the website has, 28,126! That's one of the reasons the website managed to rank so well because I know how to get lots of quality backlinks!

28,126 Backlinks

You're probably sick and tired, or unconsciously are, that you don't really know EXACTLY what you should do...

In any situation, such as: How to increase your website rankings for a brand new website, How to maintain the top rankings? What to do when your website rankings suddently drop?

You need to have a system in order to be able to KNOW what to do! Solve all those problems and questions you have with the RIGHT system... You probably visit forums and to me that's almost a complete waste of time.

Half-backed theories, multiple different ideas from different people, so what do you do? What do you really do?

Keep banging your head on the wall but there's an obvious reason why, since we don't learn it at school! Google keeps the secrets to themselves, they don't tell us what to do!

It's a big problem I've been there, trying very hard to figure out SEO, from a bit here and a bit there, putting the pieces together - then trying a couple techniques and learn from mistakes...

Ok, now in a moment I'm going to answer this question: How you can get top rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Let me introduce you to the...
No B.S. SEO System

No B.S. SEO System 

A Complete Guide To Search Engine Optimization!

EVEN if you're completely new, or you took some action and have some experience - this new... Tell-It-All system WILL help you reach the very edge, that final destination of what you CAN know and understand about search engine optimization!

I can tell you how good this system is but you'll probably find that out very soon... just read what you'll discover...

Plus, I love to use mind maps, So I've added a recap of every method and technique in the form of a mind map... In fact there's so good that you can simple look at the mind maps... instead of reading the ebooks!

Let's assume you won't do that, although you can if you wanted to "scan" the system in a few minutes!

No B.S. SEO System contains 4 ebooks, taking you by the hand - starting with first ebook step by step you'll discover the very basics.

Then you'll discover the first strategy you need to apply which is Keyword Research! You have to follow the system, and everything is super easy to understand!

It took me almost 7 years to grab all the techniques I could, try and test them and then be able to as if by magic understand what are those that produce RESULTS!

Like I said, SEO requires trial and error, that part I've done myself and many others - I just compile those
techniques and strategies that provide you RESULTS as fast as humanly possible! You will KNOW what you should do to find the right keywords... in fact here's a roll down of what's inside:

No B.S. SEO System A Complete Guide To

Search Engine Optimization! Keyword Research

How Many Keywords Should You Find?

Do you have any idea? You want to get your website to the top of search engine rankings, but for how many keywords? And which keywords?

Lots of questions, you'll discover an EXACT strategy you can follow! Once you become an SEO expert you can create your own keyword strategies - but this strategy tells you to find  X number of primary keywords and X number of secondary keywords.

Then you literally follow the system step by step, it shows you how to optimize your website to rank for those keywords! It's a no brainer to understand.

You'll discover what tools you can use - there are some real Killer Tools out there, I vouch 100% for them! Tools to uncover keywords
that will get your website in front of "eager-to-spend" buyers!

You'll also discover 4 more techniques to use when finding keywords - if you don't know these you'll leaving traffic and money on the table!

Secrets Of Beating Tough Competitors! How

To Get The Same Portion Of Traffic And

Results Playing A Different Game

Warning: If you skip the techniques and strategies outlined in this ebook you'll be tearing your head apart for years to come - because these contain the KEY with which you can open the vault to insame amounts of traffic day in, day out, month after month, year after year!

That can only happen when knowing how to do Keyword Research the No B.S. way!

Once the system unveils to you keywords research "secrets" it will show you, what to do NEXT!

No B.S. SEO System A Complete Guide To

Search Engine Optimization! Onpage Optimization

In the third ebook, prior the final one you'll find 16 techniques you can apply on your website to improve it's rankings! Better still: These are so well explained, so easy to understand that you can "memorize" them in one sitting!

Once again there's a mind map at the end, it has a recap of all 16 techniques glancing just at it will be enough to become a renowed expert in Onpage Optimization!

Screenshots, step by step there's everything you need. But wait, I've also included next to each technique the ones you should do and which ones you don't have to (optional techniques)

You probably know this already: Onpage Optimization techniques don't increase your rankings a lot, some techniques that have very little effect on rankings are marked as optional!

Look, can it get any simple than this:

First the system reveals to you all about Keyword Research and how to find keywords you want to rank for! Then it shows you how to use those keywords to do the so called Onpage Optimization.

The final step of the system it will
"unveil" to you how to use once again those keywords to do the so called Offpage Optimization!

No B.S. SEO System A Complete Guide To

Search Engine Optimization! Offpage Optimization

Have you ever seen a system that literrally spoon-feeds you? I know I haven't in the last 7 years!

Do NOT think for a moment SEO is difficult... you'll going to see it's ABC!

That's it, Keyword Research, then Onpage Optimization and then Offpage Optimization.

That's the final ebook of the system that you should get your hands on right now! It's the "meat" because Offpage Optimization are those techniques then when done RIGHT Google won't have any chance other than screaming: TOP RANKS for that website!

Even on a shoestring budget you can apply these techniques and see rankings increase and skyrocket... It's optional to invest in some carefully "inspected" tools and services I'd recommend, but it will certainly be advantageous to you.

If you ever heard of backlinks, you'll be swamping your site with them - and they're the "secret" to increase rankings.

With both guns blazing I'll expose every "hidden mystery" about Offpage Optimization. The "online herd" has been trying to confuse you in all sorts of way. You'll now for the first time be able to see EVERY time-tested technique and method you can and should use to skyrocket your rankings!

9 Methods will show you with screenshots, how to get backlinks to your website - these 9 methods are the ONLY methods worth your time! Truth be told many link building methods are totally useless, you'll also know why.

You'll have the best-of-the-best link buliding methods plus tools for automation, and simple instructions on how to use them.

You'll discover also 2 little-known techniques that you must apply if you want to increase your rankings f-a-s-t! If you don't use these techniques it will take you 10 or more times longer to get top rankings!

If you're already getting backlinks it could be all in VAIN! Because there are specific must-do techniques if you want high rankings!

While you're reading this your competition is hem-hawing back and forth trying to figure out what they should do! If they knew you have a plug and play system to achieve top rankings undisturbed they'll be frozen in terror with anguish!

That's one of the reasons you should crawl naked over glass to get the
No B.S. SEO System

4 ebooks, 3 simple steps, and you'll brim with excitement once you start seeing your website boosting UP it's rankings as if on "steroids"

If You Have Experience In SEO Then You'll Love 

To Know All The Nitty Gitty Inside this White-

Hot Jealousy Guarded System!

I won't let you wait another second, before I tell you some neat "secrets" such as:

The one and only tool you should use to know EVERY single keyword your website ranks for - and it's totally free!

What you should do First, Second and Third. If you don't follow these 3 simple steps you will only do something called a MESS!

I felt like I had just struck GOLD! Has that ever happened to you? That's what you'll probably feel when you look at the 7 Keyword Research tools you can use, and 4 simple "secrets" to quickly find hidden gems amongst the thousands of keywords you'll be able to find!

Stop banging your head against the wall because you can't figure out what's a nofollow, how to create content easily, how to create proper site navigation, how to do meta tags - don't stay chained to your computer any more! This system will show you every Onpage Optimization that's worth your time - and how to do them..

This system is written in plain English, so much that techniques that may require some html skill can be done by a little-kid!

Up-to-date techniques to get backlinks - you'll discover the easy way to get them, the free way, the cheap way, the 100% automatic way and the lesser-known methods that propel your website to the top rankings!

You'll never have to worry from where you're going to get backlinks - just open the Offpage Optimization ebook! This system will also show you Optional methods to get backlinks - it will tell you the HOTTEST methods and also those less effective but still worth doing! Quality as well as Quantity all inclusive (the exact receipt you need)!

Don't worry if you haven't yet mastered the meaning of some "words & phrases" like backlink, pagerank or nofollow tag... special "boxes" explain the meaning of every one of them!

But being brutally honest with you some people are on some other friggin' planet!

You hear all sorts of crazy theories, techniques that almost NEVER work! This especially on forums! This system doesn't contain endless piles of information, I call that useless junk that does NOT help you increase your rankings!

You don't NEED to know what's the panda update, the sandboxed theory, latent semantic indexing, static website, I can go on and on... You won't to KNOW just what's worth your time! Let writers or bloggers rant about those "meaningless" phrases.

And even if you become an SEO expert you still want to have a "system" to refer to whenever you want to do SEO! This is that system!

But wait if you THINK this system might get you some horrible penalty, or ban than look elsewhere - or if you think for a second I'll expose you to black hat techniques that TRY to cheat Google (only to get kicked and banned) look elsewhere!

This is NOT something illegally againse Google's terms! It's useless to try to use the unethical way only to get banned once you're caught.

Thus... I put my money where my mouth is, when I tell you won't find a system with this much detail, yet still profoundly simple! That's because I've spend days, hours, I've even worked morning and night to make sure these are as A B C... there's NO REAL system to giude someone from START to FINISH how to obtain top rankings until now!

 7 REASONS Why You Should Invest In
the No B.S. SEO System!

st Reason You can keep trying to figure out SEO the hard way, from reading articles and forums - that will confuse the hell out of everybody espeically a beginner! OR you can download a step by step crystal clear blueprint!

nd Reason If you want to know KILLER Keyword Research and Link Building techniques this is your course! In this all-in-one system you'll discover a complete blueprint to find the hottest keywords, the rare gems, as well as link building methods that "drown" your website with quality links!

rd Reason No SEO System can be considered top notch quality if it's full of BS! This is the system clean of long boring theories, and other useless chattering worth nothing to you!

If you want the "straight talk" style approach no nonesense just pure content you're in for the ride of your life!

th Reason Some things never change this system is one of them! You'll be able to think like Google, and know what Google really wants and what they don't want! This "power" alone can help you avoid many mistakes!

th Reason You want numbers and you'll have them, you'll know how much competition is considered high, and how much is low (in exact numbers), how many searches a month should a keyword get! I won't just tell you what to do, but exactly how to do it down to the minute detail.

th Reason These methods and techniques not only work NOW but have been working for at least 7 years and will keep on working! One of the reasons why is because they don't go against Google's terms of service! If you want a scientifically-tested blueprint that NEVER fails to get to top rankings then this is your course.

th Reason These SEO techniques are "universal" and... regardless whether you have a one page website, a 100 page website, a blog, a squeezepage, a memebership site, it doesn't matter what "type" of website you have! This mammoth course can be used by anyone with a website!

Those are just 7 reasons why, they barely scratched the surface of the huge benefits you get when you download this course!

This can make you an SEO expert within few short time! That's because to become an expert you either spend years putting the pieces together to understand the full picture - or let someone else give you the entire "vault" already opened!

Have you heard enough?

Mehmet Onatli

"Jack Knows What He Is Doing... He Is Helping Me A Lot With My SEO"

"Jack I have to say this is really a helping hand.

I have been reading through your articles and they have helped me a lot, especially those about SEO. I have watched your spyware site, man it is ranking high for a lot of keywords.

How are you doing that?

I was reading the whole home page and I must say it is very good because in less then 5 minutes I was able to have a niche profile. It is clear that you know marketing. Hope you don't get mad but I try to do as many things as you are doing, for my registry fix site.

Jack knows what he is doing. How do I know, well he is helping me a lot with my SEO."

Mehmet Onatli

Mauro Sciaccaluga

"Your Marketing Knowledge Is Outstanding"

"I want to show my gratitude to you for your very helpful advices on how to improve my google ranking. You gave me easy to follow suggestions which I promptly applied to my website. Your marketing knowledge is outstanding. I really couldn't imagine how some easy step can make so much difference to improve my visibility. Really great! Thank you so much."

Mauro Sciaccaluga
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

"His Techniques Are Simple For Everyone To Understand Yet Powerful"

"Jack Sarlo is a great search engine optimizer, he does not just give great tips but his own sites rank high in the search engines for competitive niches, what better proof of expertise other than proving yourself like that?

Jack has helped me a lot to increase the amount of traffic I receive to several of my sites, his techniques are simple for everyone to understand yet powerful."

Alyona Frendo

Malta, Europe

"Valuable Content And ABlueprint For Success"

"I have read through the whole manual and I could say that it offers valuable content and a blueprint for success in Google Serps result for keywords that you are choosing for.

The content discussed therefore proven that it is REAL marketing SEO tactics that delivers.

Overall, it is a good purchase and anyone who are interested in getting rank at the top in google search result is a good product. In addition, it has also provided many questions that many people asked. This will build strong Internet marketing foundations and ultimately leads to success."

Jerry Koh

This system is specifically geared towards giving you top rankings in Google! That's because Google is the search engine that people use most often!

However you'll also get rankings in Yahoo and Bing at the same time!

But you know what else?

I'll throw in a couple more bonuses to you, as well!

"17 Questions Every Optimizer Should

Know How To Answer" (Value: $39.95)

17 Questions

That's filled with the 17 harshest, most frequently asked questions on the Internet about SEO.

In my answers I'll also reveal a rare gem! It's called a Ranking Pattern, excavated from my 7 years of experience...  in it I reveal what you can expect to see when doing SEO, in other words how your rankings "play around" in the search engine till they get to #1!

There IS a ranking patter and you'll probably see an identical "pattern" if you apply the same strategies and techniques in this system!

For example, one common fact is that rankings "play around" sometimes they're on page 6 then go to page 7, then back to page 6... I've seen the same "pattern" numerous times!
  • Would you like to know what you SHOULD not do to avoid getting penalized or worse banned? It's revealed!
  • Why your website lost rankings?
  • Rank 3 in Bing, 7 in Yahoo. NOT In Top 1000 in Google, What's Going On?
It's all about answering those questions you're going to ask yourself sooner or later!

As an added bonuse if you take action now I'll send you another gem! In it you will be able to understand SEO like no one else before you.

SEO BluePrint Mind Maps (Value: $29.95)

In it you'll see some of the most important strategies and techniques in the system - in such an easy to understand way that your jaw might drop!
This is like dessert after dinner!

There's also a huge secret revealed on Mind Map #8.

Whenever you want a quick glance of the entire system just look at these mind maps!

With the
No B.S. SEO System you're going to get a doze of very powerful insider information, that can make dangerous!

Who wouldn't want to turn his website into a traffic machine? Who wouldn't want to easily know what he/she must do to get traffic month after month from Google?

To be honest with you I'm still amazed that without "touching" one of my websites for such a long period of time, it still cranks in traffic from search engines! SEO is one of the best marketing systems you can use! You put your website directly in front of potential buyers and get traffic to your website day in day out!

So how much is the investment required to download everything?

You're getting a complete turn-key course, - which can be easily made available for $97!

But, only for a limited time you can instantly download 
No B.S. SEO System for the lowest amount of only $97.00 $49.95

You will have NO risk whatsover neither
here's my iron-clad guarantee:

If No B.S. SEO System isn't exactly what I claim it is or not worth at least the amount you paid for it, return it within 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

Now is the time to "kick" your website to the top of the search engines, but only by knowing certain key information that TURN certain search engine "switches" ON making them badly want to rank your website!

Remember... A person is able to get enormous amounts of traffic the easy, fast and surefire proven way - with no risk, no trial and error processes, just "plug and play" the No B.S. SEO System!

But there is just one small catch...

This Incredible Offer Is ONLY For A Limited Time!

I may or may not decide to keep these "secrets" to myself, and tear down this offer any moment!

So do the right decision today, download your copy of the No B.S. SEO System right now!

You'll be glad you did!

You cannot loose, this opportunity is your risk-free chance to get good-as-gold insider "secrets"! In fact I'll bet you'd wish you found this earlier on!

Do the right thing to do...

Claim Your Copy of the No B.S. SEO System!

To Your Search Marketing Success,

Jack Sarlo "Straight Talker"

P.S. If you want search engine traffic, than you owe it to yourself to master this "art"! Get the "secrets" you need to win the "game" all the time! You can't get a better no-brainer risk free opportunity like this - if you delay it's at your risk because I can "tear down" this offer anytime!

P.P.S Your Order is backed up by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - there's nothing to loose and everything to gain, you can even keep the bonuses if you decide this is not for you!

P.P.P.S Instant Download, no waiting time, your order is 100% secure!

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